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27th August 2019
Retirement Age in Singapore to Go Up

The statutory retirement age will be raised from 62 to 63 in 2022 and to 65 by 2030. Re-employment age will also go up from age 67 now to 68 in 2022, and eventually to 70 by 2030. With rising longevity, this is in inevitable decision by the government. ...

20th August 2019
6 Reasons Why Annuity is a Good Fit In Your Retirement Plan

Whether you are a young working adult, a parent with young children, someone close to retirement or an investment-savvy person, an annuity or a retirement income plan has an important supplementary role to play in your retirement plan. ...

12th July 2019
Singapore Annuity Plans

If you have read about retirement planning in Singapore, you would have come across the terms ‘annuity’, ‘annuity plan’ and ‘private annuity’ or what insurers call a retirement income plan. ...

22nd October 2018
Should you withdraw CPF cash at age 55?

Do not leave your retirement to chance. A comfortable retirement can be achieved with thoughtful planning ahead of time. ...

3rd September 2018
Do You Have A Retirement Plan in Place?

When was the last time you took a hard look at your retirement plan? Or do you not have one yet? ...

10th May 2018
How Do You Envision Your Dream Retirement?

Jetsetting around the world? Doing more charity work? Pursuing a hobby? Or continuing to work on a part time basis because you are passionate about what you do? ...

22nd January 2018
Using Insurance to Supplement Retirement Funding Needs

This article is another timely reminder for us all to ensure that we have given due attention to retirement planning. The topic of retirement planning never goes ‘out of fashion’. ...

13th December 2017
PART 3 - Secure A Comfortable Retirement by Avoiding These 12 Mistakes

Invest too aggressively and you could end up losing all your hard earned savings. Invest too conservatively and your money dwindles in value because of inflation. Consider your risk profile and investment time horizon to retirement and achieve sufficient diversification. ...

13th December 2017
PART 2 - Secure A Comfortable Retirement by Avoiding These 12 Mistakes

It takes just one serious health crisis to severely drain you of your finances. Going into debt because of health care expenses is certainly something we want to avoid at all costs. When creating your retirement plan, it is critical to make provision for these 2 things: ...

11th December 2017
PART 1 - Secure A Comfortable Retirement by Avoiding These 12 Mistakes

A well deserved, comfortable retirement is what we all look forward to in our golden years. Needless to say, the stakes are high and any mis-steps along the way can cause our plan to derail - from independence, joy and freedom to poverty, dependence, and penny pinching. For a financially worry-free retirement, you need to avoid these costly mistakes. ...

15th October 2017
Comparison of Retirement Income Plans in Singapore Is Not Quite Accurate

The article titled "Retiring Right ... and picking a plan that fits you" published in the Sunday Times Insight Section on 17 April 2016 had shared some information on the various retirement income plans available in the market and how they compared with one another (see table in article). ...

15th October 2017
Retirement Planning in Singapore: Which Retirement Income Plan Best Fits You?

What is best for one person does not mean it is suitable for you. Here are 4 things to keep in mind when selecting a retirement plan for yourself. ...

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