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14th January 2020
How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

Everyone needs insurance, whether you are a young working adult, a new parent, a home maker or a retiree. ...

20th November 2019
Banking on Your Employee Benefits Insurance? Think Again.

Most employees do not pay attention to their employee benefits insurance until a medical claim arises. And there are those who think they have adequate coverage given by the company, without checking exactly what they are covered for. ...

3rd July 2018
3 Compelling Reasons Why A Multi-pay Critical Illness Cover Is Your Best Bet for Comprehensive Protection in Singapore

Even the fittest and most health-conscious individuals are not spared from diseases and illnesses. They can strike when least unexpected. ...

15th May 2018
In Two Minds About Enhancing Your Long Term Care Protection? Here are 5 Facts That You Can't Ignore!

ElderShield is a severe disability insurance plan which provides basic financial protection for long-term care. ...

3rd May 2018
Singaporeans are Critically Lacking in Critical Illness Protection. Are you one of them?

Question: What is adequate protection in the event you suffer from a major illness like cancer, stroke or a heart disease? ...

28th February 2018
One More Reason Why You Need Disability Income Insurance

As I have shared with you in my earlier post, claiming from Disability Income Insurance (DII) is less stringent than from a plan with a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) definition (loss of use or physical severance). What you may not know is this - there are conditions that can incapacitate you from working and they need NOT be a critical illness or a TPD. ...

26th February 2018
Disability Income Insurance in Singapore

9 out of 10 people I speak to have not heard about Disability Income Insurance (DII). They assume that Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), which almost all of them have in their life coverage, is the blanket disability definition across all life insurance products. But they are wrong. ...

9th February 2018
The Top 4 Priorities in Every Single Woman’s Financial Planning

In my decade long experience as a comprehensive financial planner, I have had the privilege to serve a number of single women professionals who are highly driven and successful in their careers. I have come to appreciate the fact that single women have needs, financial goals and aspirations that are different from say, a married woman with young children. ...

2nd February 2018
Is Maternity or Pregnancy Insurance Necessary for You?

Many newly wedded women are new to the idea of maternity or pregnancy insurance. Women who are already pregnant also do not give much attention to this type of protection. The cost of not being informed can be great, especially, when things don’t turn out the way they should. ...

5th October 2017
Conventional Critical Illness Coverage or Early Critical Illness Coverage?

Which type of critical illness plan is suitable for me - conventional or early critical illness coverage? Should I go with a single-pay or a multi-pay critical illness plan? How much coverage should I go for? ...

22nd September 2017
What Is Eldershield Insurance All About?

I’ve been asked a lot what the national ElderShield scheme is about. Eldershield was first launched by the MInistry of Health (MOH) in September 2002. The fact that the government made it an ‘opt-out’ (i.e. automatically enrolled) scheme...

24th July 2017
The Need To Secure Your Long Term Care

We all have the option to use our Medisave money optimally - that is to secure ourselves with the best integrated Medisave-approved hospital and surgical plan and ElderShield supplement.

20th July 2017
Do You Have Adequate Critical Illness Insurance?

The Straits Times published an article “AIA survey uncovers 3 gaps in CI coverage here” on 22 August 2016. I'm not surprised by the survey findings. In my decade long financial planning practice, I have...

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