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Financial planning is about taking responsibility for your own financial well being. It also includes checking your financial pulse rate at regular intervals to ensure that your are in a continually healthy state.

About Karen

Since 2005, Karen has been helping professionals and executives protect, build and preserve their wealth. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ - that means quality advice and vital expertise for her clients.

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Work Philosophy

Most financial planning starts with an assessment of goals. The approach that Karen takes in creating a unique financial plan for each individual is holistic and it focuses on the person’s financial and non-financial priorities.

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Services Offered

Karen provides a range of Personal and Corporate Financial Advisory Services. Risk Management, Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Insurance Schemes, Estate Planning, Children's Tertiary Education Planning etc.

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Karen's clients trust her for her sound unbiased advice and professional ethics. Get in touch and schedule a consultation with her to assess how she can help you to achieve your financial goals. The process begins now.

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Recent Blog Posts:

11th February 2020
Life Stage Planning - Make Financial Planning Part of Life Planning

Just like how financial markets fluctuate, your finances and financial needs will also change with time. Fortunately, it is easier to predict the changes in your financial life stages than it is to predict the direction of the markets. ...

14th January 2020
How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

Everyone needs insurance, whether you are a young working adult, a new parent, a home maker or a retiree. ...

20th November 2019
Banking on Your Employee Benefits Insurance? Think Again.

Most employees do not pay attention to their employee benefits insurance until a medical claim arises. And there are those who think they have adequate coverage given by the company, without checking exactly what they are covered for. ...

14th October 2019
4 Steps To Mitigate Caregiving Risk

In the past twelve months, I came to know of 4 families who have ailing parents. A common issue faced by the families was who should be the primary care giver and how the financial burden ought to be divided amongst the siblings. ...

27th August 2019
Retirement Age in Singapore to Go Up

The statutory retirement age will be raised from 62 to 63 in 2022 and to 65 by 2030. Re-employment age will also go up from age 67 now to 68 in 2022, and eventually to 70 by 2030. With rising longevity, this is in inevitable decision by the government. ...

20th August 2019
6 Reasons Why Annuity is a Good Fit In Your Retirement Plan

Whether you are a young working adult, a parent with young children, someone close to retirement or an investment-savvy person, an annuity or a retirement income plan has an important supplementary role to play in your retirement plan. ...

12th July 2019
Singapore Annuity Plans

If you have read about retirement planning in Singapore, you would have come across the terms ‘annuity’, ‘annuity plan’ and ‘private annuity’ or what insurers call a retirement income plan. ...

17th December 2018
Gift Yourself A Year-End Financial Checkup

As we start to get busy with the festive preparation, it can be tough to find time to organize and review your financial life. But if not now, then when? ...

22nd October 2018
Should you withdraw CPF cash at age 55?

Do not leave your retirement to chance. A comfortable retirement can be achieved with thoughtful planning ahead of time. ...

15th October 2018
Detoxify Your Financial Health

A financial ‘detoxification’ helps to flush out the wastages and overlaps in your financial portfolios. ...

3rd September 2018
Do You Have A Retirement Plan in Place?

When was the last time you took a hard look at your retirement plan? Or do you not have one yet? ...

3rd July 2018
3 Compelling Reasons Why A Multi-pay Critical Illness Cover Is Your Best Bet for Comprehensive Protection in Singapore

Even the fittest and most health-conscious individuals are not spared from diseases and illnesses. They can strike when least unexpected. ...

15th May 2018
In Two Minds About Enhancing Your Long Term Care Protection? Here are 5 Facts That You Can't Ignore!

ElderShield is a severe disability insurance plan which provides basic financial protection for long-term care. ...

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