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23rd April 2018
ILPs and Escalating Insurance Charges

I have a handful of clients whom have bought regular premium Investment-Linked Insurance Policies (ILPs). All of them are unaware of the escalating insurance (or mortality) charges as they have never been informed of these charges when they were sold the plans. ...

18th April 2018
Investment Linked Products (ILP) in Singapore - A Ticking Time Bomb!

The Straits Times article “Insurance ‘Time-bomb’ Set To Explode, Investment-linked policies incur rising costs which buyers may not be aware of” published on February 12, 2005 never quite left my mind. The headlines immediately caught my eyes back then, before I entered the financial advisory industry. ...

10th January 2018
9 Ways To Tackle Inflation

Though the statistics for November 2017 Consumer Price Index reports inflation at less than 2% (source: Singapore Department of Statistics), inflation is here to stay and it has a direct impact on our purchasing power and hence, our current and future lifestyle. ...

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