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14th October 2019
4 Steps To Mitigate Caregiving Risk

In the past twelve months, I came to know of 4 families who have ailing parents. A common issue faced by the families was who should be the primary care giver and how the financial burden ought to be divided amongst the siblings. ...

15th October 2018
Detoxify Your Financial Health

A financial ‘detoxification’ helps to flush out the wastages and overlaps in your financial portfolios. ...

30th March 2018
Financial Planning for Women in Singapore

Budgeting, cash flow management, retirement planning, being adequately protected for the unexpected like critical illness, long term care are all part of financial planning. And it is vital that women remain financially agile and independent as we age. Longevity is not something we choose. What is within our control is to plan adequately for it. ...

24th January 2018
What Can Singapore Do to Improve the Financial Literacy of Its People?

Just thought of sharing with you that my ideas on a subject I am passionate about have been published in the Straits Times on May 7, 2015 on page 29. Here’s a copy of my write-up as it appeared in the newspaper. ...

9th January 2018
Can InsurTech Replace Financial Advisors?

Based on the current offerings by InsurTech platforms in the insurance industry, Mr Poh, a Senior Financial Services Director with an FA firm, shared that the degree of disruption is nominal. Most of the platforms offer little or no cost savings...

4th December 2017
Gift Yourself A Year-End Financial Checkup

As we start to get busy with the festive preparation, it can be tough to find time to organize and review your financial life. But if not now, then when? It may seem easier to postpone it till the first quarter of the New Year, but your financial health deserves your undivided attention as well. ...

30th November 2017
9 Tips for Smart Spending During the Holidays

It’s the year end holiday season once again! Time for celebrations and gifting friends and family. Before the joy of giving turns into a financially stressful situation for you, why not invest a little time to plan your spending? Having that clarity will allow you to make wise choices without overspending. ...

11th September 2017
The 4 Financial Management Habits That Successful People Practise Faithfully

What is financial planning? The typical response I get is “Buying insurance and investing to grow my money”. That is somewhat right. You see, before we even delve into risk management...

25th August 2017
9 Reasons Why We Need A Financial Advisor

A question that some prospects ask me is: “Do I really need a financial advisor? I think I am quite good with numbers and have jotted down my expenses, assets and liabilities in a spreadsheet."

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