What Is Estate Planning?

What Is Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of arranging the distribution of the assets of a person when he or she passes away. The word ‘estate’ means net worth of a person in life as well as after passing away. It is the sum of assets including legal rights, interest on property as well as financial entitlements, less liabilities.

Estate planning attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of probate and maximise the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. It also aims to reduce conflicts and delays in the rightful distribution.

Some of the important terms are:

The first step in estate planning is to calculate the value of the client’s assets and liabilities. Items included are real estate, securities and tangible property. In addition, life insurance policies are also considered part of the estate even if someone else is the beneficiary of the policy. Finally, we include amounts contained in retirement accounts and pension death benefits.

Though estate planning sounds and can get complicated, simpler plans are often adequate for a majority of clients. For example, a simple Will that articulates the assets, the beneficiaries, the proportions of distribution and the executor.

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