Karen Tang, CFP®: Certified Financial Planner in Singapore

How Do You Envision Your Dream Retirement?

Retirement life in Singapore

Jetsetting around the world? Doing more charity work? Pursuing a hobby? Or continuing to work on a part time basis because you are passionate about what you do?

  • What have you put in place to achieve your dream retirement? Do you have a safe and solid foundation?
  • How does your retirement portfolio look like? Is it well diversified across different asset classes?
  • Have you factored in inflation, longevity and rising health care costs?
  • Are you on track to achieving your goal?
  • Or have you been procrastinating about planning for your retirement years?

We know it can be challenging to start saving for retirement early (in the 20s). But even a small amount saved over time can make a big difference!

Review your retirement portfolio today and get clarity on where you are heading!