Karen Tang, CFP®: Certified Financial Planner in Singapore

Detoxify Your Financial Health

Detoxify Your Financial Health

A friend and client recently went on a 5-day detoxification program. He had only lemon juice diluted with water and sweetened with maple syrup throughout the 5 days. He had been toying with the detoxification idea for many months but it was not until a recent day surgery that motivated him to take charge of his health.

A detoxification, to many of us, seems extreme and torturous. It must have been arduous for my friend because he loves food and is a great cook too. After the fifth day, he was in good spirit and he felt extraordinarily light and alive. A detoxification does not mean starving yourself. There are many forms of detoxification and this is just one of them. It helps the body to rest by not having to digest food and to undergo a complete overhaul. It allows the body to purge out wastes in our bodies which could contribute to the acceleration of health diseases. A deep cleansing is needed at least once a year.

Similarly, a financial ‘detoxification’ helps to flush out the wastages and overlaps in your financial portfolios. It reveals the weaknesses or gaps in your financial health so that you can take the necessary action to improve the situation.

As life’s circumstances change along the way, you would benefit from an annual financial assessment with a qualified financial planner.